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Allo is an open-source protocol that enables groups to efficiently and transparently allocate pooled capital.

Allo fills a critical gap in onchain, community-led financial decision making - what to fund, how to fund it and who has a say.


Choose your funding mechanism


Decide who gets to vote and how


Level up your existing web3 financial tooling

Inspired by years of community capital allocation engineering

Allo has four important pieces: a round, a voting strategy, a payout strategy, and a project registry.

Capital Pooling

What funds to use? Create a pool of funds to a group of applicants. Projects in your community apply to receive funding. When the application period ends, your community votes on which projects should get funding.

Voting Strategy

Who receives funding? Use a smart contract to control who can participate in the decision making and how they ultimately decide who receives funding.

Payout Strategy

How are funds distributed? Use a smart contract to determine how how funds are dispersed to grantees.

Project Registry

Grant-receiving groups register their project and then are able to apply to funding rounds anywhere in the Allo ecosystem.

Allo is for everybody.

Communities or DAOs that want to be plugging their public/their treasury directly into Allo

Developers that want to contribute to make the protocol more powerful and interesting

Teams that want to build an app on top of the protocol as a standalone business


CharmVerse uses Allo to enable any group that registers to automatically get a claimable workspace for their project.

CharmVerse, an operations platform for web3 communities, was looking for authentic and value-creating ways to bring in new users. Leveraging the protocol, they were able to quickly and seamlessly tailor the CharmVerse experience to Gitcoin Grants Program applicants, driving them to claim their unique workspace on the platform.

Being one of the most trusted and innovative web3 brands in funding public goods, Allo was a no-brainer for CharmVerse. We onboarded multiple new communities during the campaign.